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Welcome to My Petz 5 Web Page!


Kick back and relax.  Feel free to roam the site.  Just make yourself at home!

Petz Plaza has come out with a Gazette!!! If you are interested in seeing the first issue and possible subscribe to get a montly issue.. please e-mail  Here is a sneek peek!

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Under each button you'll find something different.  Don't be afraid to look around! 

Contact Me- This is were you can contact me about adoptions or questions you have.

Adoptions- This is my adoption page.  There's always new petz up for adoption!  Catz, Dogz and otherz ... just check it out if you want to adopt a new pet.

Petz Links- This isn't a very full page yet, but it contains links to other petz related sites.  If you put my site on your page I'll put yours on mine!

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I have many petz that need to be adopted and want you as their new mommy or daddy.  To get these petz from me go to my contact page and give me an e-mail.

Puppy 33481

Expecting puppy's and can't think of a good name?  Or maybe you already have one and want to know the meaning.  Well check out to get some COOL info!


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